Green Tea

For generations, people have been making green tea and enjoying its wholesome taste. However, most are unaware of the many benefits green tea actually has to your health. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that can lower cholesterol, burn fat, help in the prevention of cancer, the prevention of diabetes, and the prevention of dementia. The antioxidants this drink contains are shown to fight off particles that may be involved in the development of cancer, diabetes, and dementia. Many of the diseases that green tea fights or helps in the prevention of, are actually growing concerns in the U.S. With this being said, partaking in drinking green tea can benefit your body more than any other drink. While water keeps you hydrated, green tea contains all the antioxidants that water doesn’t. This generation currently runs on soft drinks and the cheap, processed food that is sold by local fast food chains. Because everything is so on-the-go, the quicker option is to grab a soda or an energy drink. But no one ever considers the long term effects simple decisions will have on them. If you swtiched at least one soda per day with a cup of green tea, your body would be much better off than on a constant diet of soda and energy drinks. It’s the little decisions you make towards your body that can either benefit you or hurt you in th elong run. It’s always your choice as to what goes into your body! Below are some links with furhter explanation on the benefits of green tea:


Quick Healthy Ice Cream

While trying to eat healthy, we all have those unbearable cravings that eventually cause us to slip up every once in a while. But what if the foods we crave the most had healthy alternatives? When searching Pinterest for yummy ice cream ideas, I came across a healthy recipe for ice cream with only two basic ingredients. The recipe only calls for frozen bananas and peanut butter. You cut up around 4 large bananas and measure out 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Grab your food processer and begin to process the frozen bananas. Continue to do so until the bananas reach a creamy texture. Once they do, add in the peanut butter and process the mixture on last time. Scoop out of the processer and enjoy! If you prefer a harder conisistancy of ice cream, put in the freezer for an hour or so, and the consistency will thicken! Below is the link to the actual recipe along with step by step pictures of each step.

Picky about Peanut Butter

Unless you are allergic to peanuts, we all have a love for peanut butter. It’s a stapple at the grocery store and a must have for any pantry. However, brand names such as JIF are not natural in the least. JIF puts their ingredients through a process known as hydrogenation. This is basically added hydrgoens to a compound, which will help the oils the peanut butter contains stay solid at room temperature. As time passed, JIF began putting a “natural” version of their peanut butter out on shelves. With a simple glance at the nutrition facts, they seem to be pretty similar in comparision. However, by doing a little research, the only difference between the two is the natural peanut butter’s oil hadn’t gone through hydrogenation. The nutrition label however when comparing calories and other key elements included, look very similar. With a commmonly comsumed food such as peanut butter, it should in fact be one of the things people try to buy organically. The best thing someone can do though is make their own. This is because they now know what goes into it and have th comfort of knowing none of it is processed. While I was scanning through Pinterest, I found a recipe for a Vanilla Bean Brown Sugar Almond Butter. This is very organic and your body will thank you for saving it from a processed food for once. The link to the recipe is as follows:

It tastes as good as it sounds! The next time you go to the grocery store, take a look at your commonly bought food’s ingredients. You would be surprised.

Eating Out: The Difficulties

We all have a favorite resturaunt. The one you go to and pig out every single time because you don’t know when you will get to eat there again. Most foods at resturaunts are given to you in portions that could feed a small family. With this, you have to keep in mind what serving sizes are considered healthy. When searching the internet for tips on eating out, I found this very helpful handout. It lists any tips you would need in order to make a healthy decision while at a resturaunt but still being able to enjoy the food they have to offer. It covers everything from what to avoid to what to skip or not skip. The link is as follows:

The next time you are faced with choosing what to eat while out, try to keep the handout in mind!

About Me

Hey there, I’m Keeley! I am 15 years old and simply a freshman at Harrison. My hobbies include spending time with my friends, listening to music, and spending endless hours on Pinterest looking up recipes. This blog was started for many reasons actually, but the most prominent reason that comes to mind is this. I look around and see all the unhealthy eating habits being formed. The processed food is getting faker looking by the day and is beginning to do serious harm to our bodies. But the underlining reason behind why people still consume these almost toxic foods is because of two simple reasons: it’s quick and it’s cheap. The purpose of this blog is to give people a few simple healthy recipes that can be made rather quickly while saving a buck or two. It will be much more appealing to our society to eat healthier if they can do it while in a hurry. If people went a long period of time without processed food, they would be amazed at how good their body felt. There are so many negative effects from eating unhealthy food that most people can’t even being to fathom. I hope this blog inspires you to eat healthier while definetly saving you some money.